Sodium Palladium Chloride for toner

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Date: 11/23/05-02:57:49 PM Z
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In my search for Van Dyke toners, I came across the recipe for a
palladium toner which called for 20% palladium chloride solution. Not
knowing what exactly that is, I luckily stumbled upon someone else
asking the same question in an old forum which was answered by Sandy

What I would like to know is if the Sodium Palladium Chloride Powder
(Na2[PdCl4].3H2O) which B&S sells is sufficient for making this
toner . It's the '.3H20' which sorta scares me, but the price is nice
($15/gram). Just buying the Palladium Chloride at a local chemical
supply house here in Canada would be over $50/gram CDN!!


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