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Date: 11/23/05-09:26:55 AM Z
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> If PH does affect Gum, then like Cyanotype and other processes, would gum
> not
> work well with a highly buffered paper?
> Mark Nelson
> Precision Digital Negatives

I dunno, a lot of these things, in theory is one thing but in
practice you may not notice because it means either a longer or shorter
development time in the water. But now that you mention it....

And there is sizing between the paper and the layer, too. When I have
occasionally misbrushed my sizing so that there are parts unsized, or in
comparison between glut and gly hardened sizing, there is a difference in
cyanotype sharpness, deepness, and shade of color on Fabriano Artistico EW,
so the acidity of the sizing can affect the way it all performs too, I
surmise. FAEW doesn't like cyanotype much in general so the layer of sizing
probably acts as a buffer between it and the buffering.
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