Visiting Connecticut Redux‚€”coffee anyone?

Date: 11/23/05-03:23:12 AM Z
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Hi folks (again maybe?).

I sent this note to the list, but for some reason it did not show up in my
email, so not sure it even made it to the here it is again.....

If all goes well and Jane doesn't fail me with her guidance, I will be in
Woodbury, Connecticut tomorrow evening and stay there for about 10 days.† I hope
to get together with Carl Weese (are you there Carl?) and would enjoy meeting
anyone from the list in that area for coffee.

(since sending this the first time I've talked to Carl and we are getting
together... and I'm going to Washington, CT to see his exhibit.

Hope everyone has a Happy Bird-Day & Thanksgiving.†

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson
Precision Digital Negatives
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