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Hi All,
I've just looked at the images from Harry Bonham's show "Ocean's Edge"
that's up in Eugene now. I haven't been able to get to Eugene to see
the show itself, but Harry was kind enough to send me a CD of the
images. These are very different from Harry's previous works that I've
seen: one was a series of photos of guns; one was a series of photos of
a potter's work; one was a series of nude photos, I remember them with
couches and plants, a sort of Matisse-feeling design to them. These
were all printed sort of photo-realistic, colorful but printed on
rough paper, so you'd never mistake them for regular photos. This new
work is very different-- moody, pictorialist in feel, abstract, mostly
monochrome or duochrome in either neutral tones or nonrealistic
subdued color, a very interesting and individual (and non-traditional)
treatment of a subject that is so often photographed in a trite and
overdone mannner. I recommend the show to anyone who happens to be in
the area.

Unfortunately, the announcement he sent me was left on the old
computer, so I can't give you the particulars, but perhaps he's still
here on the list and can provide them. I remember vaguely "Emerald Art
Center" but that could be wrong. At any rate, if by any chance anyone
here is near Eugene, there must be a paper that would have listings for
Katharine Thayer
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