RE: pentahydrate or anhydrous?

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Date: 11/22/05-01:48:00 AM Z
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It's not that much critical. The point is to use a fixer strength that
doesn't bleach the image within 2 minutes fixing time. Go with that
strength, if you experience serious bleaching, relax the strength of the
solution a little bit... BTW, I strongly suggest that you clear your prints
- after the wash - in citric acid (2% solution is fine) for 2 minutes before
fixing. That way you'll get rid of unexposed iron(III) sensitizer which is
lethal to your silver image. And refresh the fixer often when doing a batch
of prints; the solution is pretty weak and goes bad quickly. Not a big
problem as sodium thiosulfate is cheap...

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thanks everyone for your help. I purchased some pentahydrate sodium
thiosulfate today. As far as amount to use, the 5% solution (50grams to 1000
ml water) which seems fairly common,would apply to pentahydrate hypo?

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