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> Hi,
> Just a few comments about your list:

I forgot to say something about the Winsor & Newton Transparent Yellow
#653, which is Nickel Azo PY 150.. It might be an interesting choice.
It's a transparent deep yellow, like PY110. I have only printed it in
one or two tests, and haven't used it in actual tricolors, but it
sounds like it stays more yellow in extreme dilution than PY110.
(PY110 becomes rather dull and ochre-ish when thinned down to nothing,
but you probably won't ever want to print it that way. For a short
while, in 2001-2003 when I was interested in printing very pale
pictures, I printed tricolors using very little pigment. Here, the
PY110 when printed didn't even look yellow, but a dull putty color; I
feared my picture wasn't going to work. But when the other colors were
printed over, the PY110 took on the lovely soft buttery yellow that I
had intended, which just goes to show. Here's that picture:

But if you want something with a more intense yellow in tints, the
nickel azo might be something to consider. But again, you might find
the PY97 simpler and more straightforward. It's more a matter of
personal preference than of what's "best."
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