RE: pentahydrate or anhydrous?

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Good question!
The photo lab index seems to suggest that most formulae which call for Hypo
or Sodium thiosulfate but do not specify which flavor are referring to the this correct?

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You can use both. In case of pentahydrate you have to use about 58% more
pentahydrate compared to anhydrous. In other words, if any formula which
contains sodium thiosulfate calls for 100 gr of anhydrous sodium
thiosulfate, then you can use 158 gr sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate for the
same formula volume.

I use 2% anhydrous sodium thiosulfate fixer for my Vandyke prints. My usual
fixing time is 1 minute (occasionally I can go to 2 mins. with used fixer).
I fix max. 4 20x30cm (~ 8.5x11") prints with 1lt of 2% anhydrous sodium
thiosulfate then mix fresh fixer. I didn't see any ill effects with that
practice. Please note that I gold tone (gold chloride + thiourea toner)
before fixing.


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Subject: pentahydrate or anhydrous?


During my internet research into making better Van Dyke prints, I came
across some very good posts by Sandy KIng on the VanDyke process in the
archives. Realizing that the rapid fixer I was using is no longer going to
cut it, I've decided to purchase some Sodium Thiosulphate. However, Sandy
fails to mention (along with many other good articles I've found) whether to
use pentahydrate or anhydrous Hypo. It seems that anhydrous is the right
choice but I just want to make sure.


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