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I know all about it. What you saw was the modern version materials made and
prioritixed by Ilford and developed in conjunction with the guys who own the
Curtis Centennial Project.

They will do the "prints" for you with your negative material, but you
cannot buy the plates to print your own.

The original project was basically a wet colloidian picture, plated with
gold on the back. The process was both, very expensive, and dangerous due
to the inhalation of the gold dust. They would coat the back with a glue of
sorts and 'splash' on gold dust. Curtis, determined to make the process
less expensive successfully experimented with brass. On eof his lab tech.s
was Immogene Cunningham, whose degrees were in chemistry.

This Ilford process is slightly different than the original Curtistones, and
certainly not the orotones (the word oro-means gold - tone) but a
manufactured glass 'thingie' that they will not disclose.

Steve Shapiro, Carmel, CA
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> Today I saw a Curtis show where among contemporary platynos and cyanos,
> there were some modern Orotones.
> Wow, Beautiful process!
> Does anyone know anything about it? online resources with detailed
> descriptions? photographers using it?
> I suppose its quite an expensive process though..
> Cheers
> Agustin Barrutia
> Bs As, Arg.
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