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Date: 11/20/05-07:57:04 PM Z
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On Nov 20, 2005, at 5:01 PM, Yves Gauvreau wrote:
> I think the best answer I would give now goes something like this, try
> some
> of the suggestions you'll receive and if you find one that works for
> you
> just stick with it especially if you like the results.

Seems reasonable to me; that's what I always recommend at any rate.

> I know, this is not a "good" scientific response but are we trying to
> do
> science or "ART"? I plead guilty in kind of asking for a specific
> answer but
> I'm sure now that even if I knew everything that happens molecule by
> molecule when I expose the stuff it wouldn't help a tiny bit in
> creating a
> masterpiece.

I have, somewhere among the stuff I had transferred to my new computer,
an unfinished web page on the chemistry of the gum process, waiting
for more data before uploading it. I was hoping "my" chemist would
finish his analyses so I could incorporate those data in my little
literature review, but he hasn't done anything on it for nearly a year;
  he got busy with his real work and hasn't been able to get back to my
little question, though he claims it still interests him greatly. But
never mind that...on that web page, in the introduction, I say exactly
what you've just said, that while it would be interesting to someone
with a scientific curiosity to understand how the process works, it
doesn't matter very much that no one actually knows, because the lack
of knowledge has never prevented anyone from printing really great gum
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