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Hi all:

My powdered pigments are draining and in my city I cannot find distributor,
for what I have planned to change to tubes of liquid watercolor to continue
with my gum and carbon works.

In my city I can have two options: Daniel Smith and Winsor & Newton, I have
consulted the samples and references of colors and I would like they gave me
some advice. Since my thoughts are tri-colored rubbers, I have looked for
transparent colors or semi-transparent and these they are those that I have




Cadmium Yellow Light nš. 284-600-018

Lemon Yellow nš. 284-600-165

Hansa Yellow Medium nš. 284-600-039

Cadmium Yellow Medium nš. 284-600-016

Indiam Yellow nš. 284-600-045


Quinacridome Red nš. 284-600-091


Phtalo Blue (GS) nš. 284-600-077

Phtalo Blue (RS) nš. 284-600-119




Winsor Lemon Serie-I- nš. 722

Winsor Yellow Serie-I- nš. 730

Transparent Yellow Serie-I- nš. 653

Indian Yellow Serie-I- nš. 319


Scarlet Lake Serie-II- nš. 603

Winsor Red Serie-I- nš. 726

Quinacridone Red Serie-III- nš. 548

Permanent Alizarin Crimson Serie-III- nš. 466

Alizarin Crimson Serie-I- nš. 004

Quinacridone Magenta Serie-III- nš. 545

Permanent Magenta Serie-III- nš. 489


Prusian Blue Serie-I- nš.538



Please, advise which are the best and more permanent.


Thank you to answer and excuse for my English, text translated by computer.


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