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Date: 11/19/05-02:19:39 PM Z
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Several years ago I tested the absorption spectra of a saturated
ammonium dichromate solution (assuming that would be a measure of
spectral sensitivity) and my findings coincide with the report Sandy has
made. The peak at around 210nm was off the scale in the dangerous UV
region, and the long UV peak reported in the useful range was at 365nm.
IIRC (I never archived the data as it coincided with the values reported
in a much earlier list discussion) the values diminished quite rapidly
as it approached the visible and then flat-lined at zero until a very
small blip out around 600nm.


>>> 11/19/05 11:52 AM >>>

I hope this wont sound like I don't trust you but more like the very
guy that I am. I want to know more, more, more... and if you can, I'd
to know where I could find this kind of information? I spent a few hours
googling for this kind of info last night to no avail especially

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