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There was quite a bit of scientific literature done on dichromate
colloid systems in the period from 1900-1960. One of the standard
reference texts on this subject is Light-Sensitive Systems by Jaromir
Kosar, specifically Chapter 2 on Dichromated Colloids. And if you
don't get enough information from the Kosar, there is an extensive
bibliography at the end of the chapter.

You must read Kosar with the understanding that certain observations
may no apply equally to all colloid processes, which has lead many to
suggest that the book is full of errors. On the whole I think anyone
interested in any of the dichromate based processes would find Kosar
interesting, and perhaps useful.


>I hope this wont sound like I don't trust you but more like the very curious
>guy that I am. I want to know more, more, more... and if you can, I'd like
>to know where I could find this kind of information? I spent a few hours
>googling for this kind of info last night to no avail especially regarding
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