Gum problem(s) II

From: Yves Gauvreau ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/18/05-03:21:20 PM Z
Message-id: <04ef01c5ec86$054ef2c0$0100a8c0@BERTHA>

Hi all,

I which to thank you all for the welt of info and feedback you gave me in recent days. I'm just beginning to understand the humongus amount of possibilities this gum process can offer to a creative mind. Hopefully, the learning curve wont be to steep as I fully understand that I have many basic task to master before I can begin to explore those numerous path I see opening in the distance.

I can't begin to express what I'm feeling right now, it's almost like assisting to a beautiful sunrise above the vastness of the sea for the first time. Many thanks again for opening my eyes.

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