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Date: 11/18/05-02:53:30 PM Z
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Second thought:
I sent something through a while ago, questioning the advice about
coating so that you could read text through the coating. That post
hasn't found its way back here yet, but I've been thinking more about
what I said, and decided I don't necessarily agree with myself. After
all, I've always been a great one for printing with transparent
pigments, and no doubt you can see the previous print through
subsequent coatings on a tricolor print, even (very dimly) the cyan
layer which for me goes on last. Even a very dark color that's
transparent, say ivory black, is transparent enough that I wouldn't
be surprised if you could read a newspaper through it, even though it
can print as dark a value as lamp black can.

In my previous comment, I was think not of transparent layers but of a
coating intended to produce a one-coat print, like lamp black or a
blue-black or brown-black that you might use for this purpose, and I
still wonder about that, but like I said, I'd have to try it for
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