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This item would be usefull mainly in the visible range and would be kind of
a yes no response for the presence of certain frequencies. To answer the
original question about UV, I don't think it would be of much help since
most UV are under 4000 A or 400 nm.


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> Here is a fun little item that might be useful, and it is inexpensive
($7.25). Would it possibly give enough data if you analyzed the light
coming through the glass as a comparison? It shows a color band of the
light and numbers (I have only looked through one in fun) but no scaled
readout like a spectrophotometer.
> Description below; to see photo or order go to:
> and enter 16525-00 in the search box.
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> QA Spectroscope
> Measure wavelengths of light from 4000 to 7000 with accuracies of 50
> The low price means that every student can have one of these
spectroscopes, and the laser-produced diffraction grating (which produces
excellent results) means that every student will want one.
> This hand-held spectroscope is one of our best-selling products partly
because it allows students to analyze light in both emission and absorption
spectra. The scale is 37 mm long. Developed by Werner Schultz.
> Includes: unbreakable plastic case, laboratory suggestions and
> WW1652500 Spectroscope, Quantitative Analysis (QA) $7.25
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