Re: Butterflies and other Mail questions

From: Tom Ferguson ^lt;>
Date: 11/17/05-10:58:03 AM Z
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I'm not seeing a butterfly :-)

In Mac OSX you assign yourself a picture in SystemPref>Accounts. As far
as I know, this is only used internally for login and address book ID.
It doesn't get sent with outgoing mail. I'm on OSX.3, something could
have changed on OSX.4

Mac Mail "learns" what is and isn't "junk". There are two ways to
teach it. The first (near perfect way) is to make sure that Mark and
his email address are in you address book AND that MailPrefs>Junk is
set to exclude your address book. The second (not perfect, but helpful)
way is to simply hit the "Not Junk" button whenever Mail mistakes

On Nov 17, 2005, at 6:24 AM, Katharine Thayer wrote:

> 1. Is there really a butterfly at the top of my e-mails? If so, well,
> isn't that precious. If anyone uses the Mail program for Mac and knows
> how to get rid of it, I would appreciate it greatly. I was given a
> chance to "choose my picture" when setting up my Mail program, but I
> blew past there, assuming that if I didn't choose a picture I wouldn't
> get a picture, but I guess it gives you a picture whether you want one
> or not. And I can't figure out how to get back there to turn it off.
> 2. Anything that comes from Mark Nelson, Mail classifies as junk mail.
> Maybe it doesn't like his jokes, or what?
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