Re: my first tricolor gum print

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Date: 11/17/05-02:40:15 AM Z
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Hi Katherine,
Yea 'twas I. This image, compared to your current work, is a tad
'unsophisticated' BUT the style is still there. It just shows where a
certain amount of single-minded dedication can get you. And just think
also of the number of people who have learned from you as you made the
journey of discovery,

Best Regards,

David H

Katharine Thayer wrote:
> Hi All,
> A while back, when someone (perhaps David Hatton?) showed his first
> tricolor gum print, I said that it was a lot better than my first
> tricolor gum print, which I thought maybe I still had somewhere and
> would scan if could for comparison I did dig it up and now that I can
> scan again (what a hassle, getting a new system set up) here it is.
> Something to amuse you on a dull November evening.
> Katharine
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