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The Quad Black inks in particular
are widely used for high quality black and white printing. Along with
the Piezotone inks they were really the only solution for fine quality
black and white work on desktop printers until Epson came out with their
latest K3 Ultrachrome inks, which can perhaps deliver similar quality
and longevity, though I'm not entirely convinced. The K3 inks are great
for colour though. Cone (who produced the Piezotones) now have a seven
ink K7 set, which probably is better still, but I've not tried it.

To get the most out of any of the MIS or other black ink sets you
probably need to use a suitable RIP with your Epson printer. The
cheapest is the $50 Quad Tone Rip, though I
either use the Bowhaus IJC/OPM. or
Cone icc profiles with the Epson driver. All of these systems can
deliver prints that in some respects at least surpass other printing



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Jon Lybrook wrote:

> Howdy,
> What are MIS inks? Is that an acronym, company, or a brand?
> Thanks,
> Jon
> Don Bryant wrote:
>> Marek,
>> It has always been my experience with MIS inks, that they don't dry
>> properly
>> and clog the printer (no matter which model Epson or which ink set) so I
>> have given up on them entirely. They have a new sponge less cartridge
>> which
>> looks promising; if the new inks would work flawlessly I would switch to
>> them in a heart beat.
>> Let us know if you find any positive information about them,
>> Don
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>> Subject: MIS inks
>> All,
>> Is anybody using third party inks to print diginegatives on Epson
>> 2200? I am
>> especially interested in MIS inks. The have a new line of pigmented
>> inks that is quite impressive (from their description).
>> Marek, Houston
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