Re: BL vs BLB tubes for cyanotype

From: ryberg ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/16/05-11:27:40 AM Z
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     I have only 6 Stoufer strips so I make tests in sets of six times. By
overexposed I mean that two or more of the first steps are the same. In his
Precision Digital Negative system Nelson says to find the exposure which
just merges steps 1 and 2 and multiply by .7. I get to the same place by
finding the exposure which shows DMAX on step 1 with a visibly lighter step
2. Using Nelson's method I would have had 4 minutes times .7 = 2.8 minutes.
Using mine I get 3 minutes. My timer won't resolve the difference but
perhaps, now that I'm out of double digit exposures I'll get a better one.
Thanks for your interest. And thanks for your regular contributions to the
list--I always look forward to them, even when they are about a process I
don't use.
Charles Portland OR
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