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Op 16 nov 2005 om 11:19 heeft Yves Gauvreau het volgende geschreven:

> Katharine,
> In a way I found an interesting path I would have like to wonder on but
> unfortunately it's a dead end at least considering that I want to do
> everthing myself or at least the largest possible part of it.
> I came across a book a little while back, almost by accident, at the
> library. The title is in french "La couleur du temps, Photographies de
> Leonard Misonne" Most if not all of the work presented in this book is
> made
> on Fresson paper which is a proprietary technique. This is why I said
> it's a
> dead end above. But, his work speaks to me in words I can't begin to
> express
> (especially in English) and I'd like very much to be able to do a
> similar
> kind of work.
> His work is of the pictoralist mouvement of the early 1900's and I'd
> like to
> find a way to achieve similar results of color richness, of color
> depth and
> of many other intangible that make Fresson a Fresson using a technique
> that
> as a similar potential and caracteristics.

Yves, is it really FRESSON ??
I saw the Misonne exhibition in Charleroi with at least 40 prints and
nearly all were
Also the books I have with the work of Misonne (including ' la couleur
du temps') contains mainly OILPRINTS and no Fresson.
So, if you are interested in this 'Misonne'-look see my article on
oilprinting on

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