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Christina, thanks for sharing your mishaps! makes me feel a little
better about myself and made me laugh. Your work is lovely! Anne

On Nov 15, 2005, at 8:18 AM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> Ricardo,
> I forgot to answer your other question: I use classic cyanotype 2:1
> (exposures 6 mn UVBL) for my first layer, not Ware's because Ware's
> doesn't like Fabriano Artistico Extra White paper very much. Plus the
> classic is closer to the cyan blue that is required for the cyan layer
> of a tricolor.
> Oh, and as far as each example you gave below, re: using cyanotype for
> cyan instead of gum:
> richness of results: yes
> saving time: yes and no. cyanotype develops in 5-15 minutes for the
> yes, no because saving time with gum doesn't really matter to me.
> archival reasons: no. both are equally archival.
> matter of style: perhaps. The cyanotype is a sharp, clean, base
> image to apply layers on.
> As far as congratulations for "the wonderful job I am doing", this
> weekend I did 6 large gums and I:
> 1. had to reprint a negative 6 times until I figured I had selected
> 8x10 instead of 8x5x11 in my print driver.
> 2. had to reprint another negative several times because of minute
> banding.
> 3. screwed up on my cyanotype coating so that there were white spots
> in the print where no cyanotype was.
> 4. misregistered 3 of the six.
> 5. got big honkin' air bubble marks on a couple because I was grading
> students while gum printing and not agitating in the development
> enough.
> I have good weeks and bad weeks :)
> Chris
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> Christina,
> What is it so different in terms of results to make you use a cyanotype
> layer on your prints (which is the involvement with another process),
> instead of using gum for all the three layers, what seems to be more
> coherent or straightforward? Is it for the richness of results, for
> saving
> time, archival reasons, or a matter of style? Another point is what
> kind of
> cyanotype you do use: traditional or Mike Ware's new one? By the way,
> congratulation for the wonderful job you're doing.
> Ric
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