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Hi Yves,

Well, as Peter Fredrick - the inventor of Temperaprint - use acrylic
paint with his temperaprints, I didn't think about other types of
mediums and/or why he made that choice. Besides, we have artist grade
acrylic paints here in Istanbul for good prices but artist grade tube
watercolors are hard to find and pricey. BTW, watercolor binder may also
contain sugar AFAIK.

The (!) mark was for this reason: acrylic medium becomes insoluble when
it gets dry, gum doesn't get insoluble when dry.


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Hi Loris,

Aren't you concerned about using "acrylic pigment(!)" in your work as
you say below?

I just found a source of pigment and they have documentation on making
your own paint. They say that watercolor paints are made of pigment +
gum arabic
+ water. This makes me think that in a way this watercolor paint would
+ be a
much better choice then using some type of polymer (plastic) mix with
pigments. I'm curious to know if there is any advantage in using

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