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What is it so different in terms of results to make you use a cyanotype
layer on your prints (which is the involvement with another process),
instead of using gum for all the three layers, what seems to be more
coherent or straightforward? Is it for the richness of results, for saving
time, archival reasons, or a matter of style? Another point is what kind of
cyanotype you do use: traditional or Mike Ware's new one? By the way,
congratulation for the wonderful job you're doing.


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> The gum images are labeled as "Tricolor Gum Over Cyanotypes." I think
> Chris later explained that these are duocolor gums over cyanotype, in
> other words the cyanotype is used as the cyan layer of the "tricolor gum,"
> which makes them of course *not* tricolor gums, except for "Vanity,
> Vanity." But to my eye, many of these images also have a black layer,
> easily distinguishable from the cyanotype or blue layer.

Katharine and David,

A couple clarifications.

They are"Tricolor"--three colors.

I could call them Tricolor **Prints** made from gum over cyanotype but that
is pretty wordy and most people could give a rip. I figured most people
realize that saying "Tricolor Gum Over Cyanotype" indicates that there is a
layer of cyanotype in there. I label one Tricolor Gum and the other
Tricolor Gum over Cyanotype--seems pretty straightforward to me.

But then if I print an extra layer of a different gum color does that
qualify as a Quadcolor?

Maybe you could come up with a correct term like crosslinking for us.

There is no black layer. I don't use black. I print the cyan layer first
with the red negative, the yellow layer next with the blue negative, and the
magenta layer last with the green negative. I don't use CMYK but RGB, but I
guess you could say I print CYM.

The black that you see is the combination of the three layers over top one
another. Where it is not black, but lighter blue, is where there is just
the cyanotype layer on the outskirts of the image and I have not brushed gum
on top.

If I print straight gum I print the cyan first with thalo blue.

Hope this helps clarify it for you.
Christina Z. Anderson
Adjunct Professor
Montana State University
Bozeman, Montana

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