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I'm not Don but if I were printing 8 photos at once, I would do as
described below:

If your exposure time is around 2 minutes, you coat the sheets every 3
minutes (the extra 1 min. is for letting you place the negative and
coated paper into the contact printing frame - and then remove, and then
place in the developer bath)... So you can expose them consecutively
without changing the dry timing... You got the idea.


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> Kate,
> Thanks for the details. I usually coat 6 to 8 sheets with a
> brush and > Don Bryant

Hi don (and others),

I already considered myself a very modest gum printer: I sensitze only1
sheet (4*5 or 8*10) at a time, and you do 6-8 sheets a time (so making
my gum printing efforts almost minute..;-)..), so I wonder: do you see
differences between these sheets? I understood that the drying time of a
gum sheet is also a variable, and there must be a considerable
difference between these sheets before you can expose them. Or do you
use more UV printers or you work with differnt negatives at the same
time, or..


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