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hmm nice grey scale! How was it sized? What was the brand of used paper?
..and how much contrastive should be the negative (positive) for one-layer?

Best regards, Pawel.

> Hi,
> It is a carbon white on a japan black paper with a white designer gouache
> Best regards of Belgium
> Philippe
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> Pawel Gega wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > What is the best white pigment for white gum layer on black paper. Is the
> > titanium white the cleanest?
> Hi Pawel,
> I would recommend titanium white (PW6) over zinc white (whose pigment
> number I don't remember off the top of my head) which are really your
> only two choices. (Zinc white is often called "Chinese white") The zinc
> is less opaque than the titanium and, in my experience with two
> different brands, tended to dichromate stain as well. You want a good
> quality brand because the inferior brands/student lines often add chalk
> to their titanium white, as the pure titanium oxide is quite expensive.
> > o, is it possible to get white and black tones similar classical B&W ?
> It depends on the paper you use, the pigment mix, the dichromate
> concentration, etc, how long a range you can get in one coat. The only
> white on black I've done so far have been on Arches cover, which is a
> very coarse open paper and as such didn't give a very large range of
> tones. I have an example of how the paper printed for me both unsized
> and sized here:
> I got mixed up and used a negative instead of a positive for these
> prints, even though I had the positive sitting right there, and that's
> why the shadows are white instead of black. The original picture was of
> three brown eggs and two white eggs sitting on a white table.
> I was always going to go back and experiment more with printing white on
> black, and ordered some smoother papers for the purpose, but haven't
> found the time so far.
> Katharine Thayer
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