Re: Tannic Acid

From: henk thijs ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/12/05-05:08:49 PM Z
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Hi Kai,

Interesting website and all respect for the work you did , just one
are the color(s) still the same at this moment compared to the moment
you scanned them?
In my experience, toning was exciting and after some time disappointing
due to the fact that the toning was far from permanent.

Op 12 nov 2005 om 18:39 heeft Kai Hamann het volgende geschreven:

> Hello Charles,
> great that it works for you! Ive put a little description on my web
> site on
> Cyano_Toning.htm. Just added some sentences about changing the color
> tone with weak alcalis and acids after toning. Seems like this can be
> a cause for the different results when toning with the same receipe on
> different locations.
> Have a nice day
> Kai
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