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I may not be a great photographer but I, too, use a modified LED light with
a red filter - only mine is in the form of a headlamp that I wear over the
least important part of my anatomy to keep my hands free. BTW, with LED the
battery l-a-s-t-s like forever. On the subject of signing art work, this
fellow in Holland - name of Rembrandt - who signed right in the plate had
the right idea. Joachim

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Tim Rudman (great photographer and Lith printer) uses a nifty LED
safelight that he wears around his neck like a pendant. It's amazingly
bright and doesn't fog the silver papers. He uses is for all kinds of
things (checking enlarger lens settings, etc.). I don't know if you can
get them in the states; his comes from U.K. I bought one from him for a
stocking-stuffer for Jill (but please don't tell her)!

You can see some of his work at the following:

Hope this helps,


MARTINM wrote on 11/11/05, 2:51 AM:

> You might be better off chosing some high-power LED (LUMILEDs etc. are
> available up to 5W now). They're already pretty narrow bandwidth "by
> nature" - hence very little light is wasted by additional filtering.

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