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Date: 11/10/05-01:46:09 PM Z
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You'll get all kinds of answers to this one! I can tell you what I do
and why, and then you can factor that in with all the other responses.

I sign the print in pencil right below the image area on the right side.
(The mat window is cut with a slight lower edge bias to allow for this
signature.) I note the Print Number/Edition Number on the front but
lower so it is not visible in its matted presentation.

I also have a stamp for the back of the mat board (the board on which
the print is mounted via archival corners). I get more compliments on my
stamp than on my photography. ;^) The stamp includes a place for Title,
Print Number, Image Date, Print Date, and a "Printed by the
Photographer" notation with another place where I sign. The signature on
the back is in archival ink.

Historians and Archivists say there is no such thing as too much
information so if you want to please them, include things like process,
paper, ink sets, etc. somewhere with your print.

Hope this helps!


Michael Koch-Schulte wrote on 11/10/05, 11:59 AM:

> Where do people sign their work? Can someone give me the low-down on
> how I
> should sign and label a final print once it goes out the door? On the
> front,
> back, left corner, right corner. Is there a "standard"? Do I put the
> date on
> it? If the work has a title where does that go?
> ~m

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