Re: Fume hood for dags

From: Phillip Murphy ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/10/05-06:23:36 AM Z
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If you are thinking of working with elemental Bromine in the future.
Consider that you will
need your fume hood with appropriate gloves and mask for that task.
Exposure to Bromine in it's
pure form poses a greater risk to your safety when handling it than that
of Mercury.
Read as much as possible on the subject.


Robert W. Schramm wrote:
> Augustin,
> I do not use a fume hood for iodine and bromine. If you have the right
> kind of fuming box, very little vapor escapes. You definatly need a
> fume hood for mercury. It must be big enough to hold your mercury pot
> and etc. You must be able to work in it. Mine is about 2 1/2 feet wide
> and deep and
> 4 ft tall. (1.2 meters tall 75 cm. wide and deep). It could be a
> little smaller.
> Bob Schramm
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