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Kare (an any others following this thread)
     Perhaps I overstated the point when I said the Epson inks are
transparent to UV. They are transparent enough so no part of Nelson's color
test palet of two inks gives a paper white square and most of them give very
dark squares. That is one problem.
     The other problem is that the Epson R800 uses 7 colors of ink and a
"gloss optomizer" but no way to control what colors you are printing. There
are the usual CMY, the usual two blacK's plus an uncommon Red and Blue.
There is NO option to print black ink only--perhaps some software guru will
write a driver for this printer which will give such control, but I doubt
     I solved my problems by printing in black--that is, in Photoshop I use
the color picker to set equal amounts of R,B,G. The printer interprets this
as it chooses and gives me a nice black on paper and a sort of grey-purple
on OHP material. This black does block UV.
     What I have been doing is to find an amount of RBG (all the same
setting) which acts as Nelson's two color settings should. Then I use his
system. This may or may not be what Christina does for her black ink
     I'm not totally happy with my solution but I'm working on it.
Charles Portland OR
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