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Op 8 nov 2005 om 2:01 heeft Christina Z. Anderson het volgende

> David,
> I am as ill equipped to explain this as you, so I think you need to
> have
> some other computer techie or Mark Nelson explain, but when I make my
> color
> choice it eliminates that variable to two strains. In other words, no
> black
> ink used in my negs, and in the colored ones, only 2 of the three
> strains,
> too, even. For the black ink only, I just check in my Epson 2200
> "black ink
> only". So they aren't greyscale negs but really black only. But let
> those
> better than I explain how this be so.

Chris, the best thing I did having similar problems was charing the
EPSON-Yahoo-list. It is comparable to 'our' list: very keen and
competent people, willing to share knowledge and giving advice.
And if you want a real B/W neg, look after Clayton Jones homepage :
There are a couple of very interesting articles usefull for 'neg. et
al' -printing.
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