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Date: 11/07/05-03:33:19 PM Z
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..>>Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
>Subject: gum curves

>Gees--subject line sounds like a sex spam for an old folks home..


>PS OHHH question, how do you deal with the areas of midtone sky that print
>out in uneven strips of density--what is that called??

"Posterization?" When what should be a smooth gradient comes out in as
distinct steps? That's happened to me. To fix it, I've tried selecting
and replacing the sky with one flat tone (a major pain); decreasing midtone
contrast; and also darkening or brightening the highlights and THEN
adjusting the contrast, which seemed to move the steps closer together so
the stripes aren't so obvious.

I'd love to hear a more efficient solution. (Aside from shooting with a red
filter, which does make the sky much flatter, but isn't always an option.)


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