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Kees and Cor,
Would both of you recommend Canson Fontenay as a paper for gum in general?
Is it stable (keeps its size) and hardy?
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> Hello Cor,
> Fontenay is a sold as a 'hybrid' surfaced paper, one side somewhat smooth
> the other side rough. I allways print on the smooth side.
> I'm using fontenay quit often, also in my workshops. I buy 50-100 sheets
> at once so my batch might be a bit older than yours and I don't know if it
> has changed. I allways preshrink and gelatin/glyoxal size. Take care the
> preshrinking water is not too hot (keep it under 40 degrees C) otherwise
> the factury sizing comes of as a slimy substance. This also happens when
> you keep it in the water overnight.
> What you discribe sounds like a form of abrasion or a problem with the
> internal sizing. I think a hardened gelatin size will solve your problem.
> Breukel, C. (HKG) wrote:
>>In the past I did some modest gum printing on Canson Fonteny, I use the
>>smooth (back?) side not the rough textured side, and I have been quite
>>happy with the results.
>>Recently I bought a few sheets to make some gum prints, but this time I
>>ran into a problem: After 4 coats the texture of the paper started to
>>"raise"(for lack of a better description, as if the paper is showing
>>through te gum layer), obscuring details in esp. the shadow regions. Can't
>>say that I like that effect.
>>AFAIK I did not coat too violent with the foam brush, and I assume that
>>it's perhaps inherent to the newer batch I bought (one thing to check
>>though is that there seems to be 2 different versions of of Fonteney:
>>coarse and fine grain, perhaps that can explain why I did not see this
>>effect in the past).
>>I did not pre-shrink and size (these are 4*5 only), but would adding a
>>extra gelatine size reduce this effect?
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