Fume hood for dags

From: Agustin Barrutia ^lt;abarrutia@gmail.com>
Date: 11/05/05-02:21:58 PM Z
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Hello list,

I´ve found a local manufacturer of fumehoods that could build a custom
hood for my dag equipment. They asked for the exact size of the hood. I´m
using wooden boxes for 4x5´ plates. Their sizes are 10´x10´ and 8´ of
height. What size would be advisable for these dag boxes? how big are your
Do u use the hood for iodine and mercury? or just for mercury?
I´d like to use bromine in the future so I might need a hood that could
suit two boxes (bromine and mercury)

Thanks for your income


Agustin Barrutia,
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Received on Sat Nov 5 14:22:20 2005

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