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Oddly enough Printmaking in the Sun

You need to get if from him at

I find it to be a good tool to use for showing how the process works. I somw
times teach a printmaking class at school and I will get a copy or two one for
class and one for the library(sp) to have.

Hope this helps

Jan Pietrzak

>From: Hisun Wong <>
>Date: Fri Nov 04 20:59:15 CST 2005
>Subject: Re: solar plate

>Jan, what is the name of Dan's DVD and where can I buy it?
>On Nov 5, 2005, at 12:27 AM, wrote:
>> Hellena,
>> Dan, has just come out with a new DVD of the process. It deals
>> more with how
>> he make his art and not photo/polymer/gravure but the bacics are
>> the same to a
>> point. It is nice to see some run through the process.
>> I am cleaning up my list of things so I can get back to making prints.
>> Jan Pietrzak
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