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Dear list,

>From novemberá2 to december 31, 2005áá Atelier pH7

Francis Schanberger (USA)
"The Close-Up World of Dr. Frangst", cyanotypes.

Francis Scanberger states: My photographic working
method is a synthesis of past and present, memory and
imagination....áWith the use of the historic process
of cyanotype, I acknowledge nineteenth century
naturalists John Herscheláand Anna Atkins who used it
to record their notes or specimens of nature.... I
imagine an alter ego, a doppelganger who is a
scientist but in a very<BR>anachronistic way.... His
laboratory is nature and his body's senses are just
the instruments to<BR>divine its wonders. Through a
series of letters (done in cyanotype) toáhis
colleagues he articulates his methodology, areas of
interest and the subjectivity of his findings.
Photographs of himself and photograms of his
investigations allude to the methods of his

In a series of 20 cyanotypes (4x5 inch & 8x10inch)
Francis shows a very convincing body of work using
simple natural elements and himself in the act of
listening toáand discovering the secrets and marvels
of nature.
More information on our web page:

Upcoming exhibits:

- januari - februari 2006
Sam Wang (USA) - Recent áPt-Pd & gum over

- march - april 2006
Stanislav Kocar (SLO) - Van Dyke Brown prints

Atelier pH, Belgium's foremost photographic
conservation-restoration studio functions, since 1998,
also as aááEuropean experimental art gallery devoted
exclusively to historic and alternative photographic
processes. Ináour relative small past we had the
occasion to meet and show work of many distinguished
members of this listáwhich we thank for their kind

If you tooáare interested to exhibit in Brussels,
please consult our conditions and send us your
proposition to <>

Best greetings,


Roger Kockaerts
Permadocument - pH7
rue des Balkans, 7/7
B-1180 Brussels
Phone: 32-(0)2 347 66 76
We invite you to visit our homepage at: <>


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