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On Tue, 01 Nov 2005 08:50:41 -0500, Joe Smigiel <> wrote:

>>>> 10/30/05 11:03 PM >>>
>>> Hi,
> Do you coat all three colors (YMC) expose individually and develop or
> coat one at a time expose and develop each one separately ? <<
> One at a time and processed separately. Coat, dry, expose, process and
> dry one color layer and then repeat with another.

While most gum printers work this way, you can also
coat-expose-coat-expose-coat-expose, then develop once at the end. I think
this is Phillipe Berger's(?) approach. I've done this several times and it
has worked well for me, although I do multiple gum layers over platinum
rather than a "YMCA" print. Generally, I prefer to work one layer at a
time so I can see how the print is progressing so I can make adjustments
along the way as I see fit.

Speaking of gum over platinum, I will be in New York City this weekend
teaching a workshop in that process for the Center for Alternative and
Historical Processes ( It's been over 10 years since I've
been to NY, so I'm looking forward to returning. If anyone has any
suggestions for photo exhibits or events I should know about, please let
me know.

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