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Date: 03/31/05-01:43:58 PM Z
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I used to work at an environmental consulting company and they had a
saying - "Dillution is the Solution"

Richard Retzlaff

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         A while ago I was playing around with Photo applications to
Electroplating, and Electro etching of metals .......... I got a book
written in the 1940's on the subject of " Making Big Money
Electroplating Baby Shoes"........... In the book they stated it was very
important to make sure all the chemicals were to be disposed of safely!
........ Some electroplating chemicals are nasty, Arsenic, Formaldehyde,
acids, heavy metals , ect........Their recomendation was going out to the
back yard and digging at least a "12 inch hole" to dump the chemicals

Those were simpler times...........

John Cremati
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