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Hi Jeffrey,
As I work in a big hospital- I bring all my exhausted chemicals to the
biohazard area.
I live on a small island that has a septic field and would never put
anything nasty in it or in the field where it impacts the water system (I
have a well).
Bye for now-Susan
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> Rick Retzlaff wrote:
> > I am going to be conducting an outdoor workshop in traditional
> > and alternative printing this summer. The festival I am working with is
> > very much environmentally conscious ...
> >
> > On-site negative processing -- at home we probably all just flush the
> > down the drain. However, what is the real impact of this stuff? Does
> > waste treatment system deal with this in any rational way? Or do we
> > on extreme dilution to make it insignificant? What would be the impact
> > these chemicals were dumped into the bush?...
> The following is brief and rough:
> Typical disposal for acids is to neutralize and dilute.
> Most film developers will biodegrade, but treat as acids.
> Fixer should have silver reclaimed from it before disposed as an acid.
> Other solutions which accumulate metal salts should have the metals
> reclaimed if practical.
> Dichromates are bad and can only be well diluted.
> Solvents should never be used, but if so any used solvent sent to a
> solvent recycling company and never put down a drain.
> The quantities typically used and disposed in a municipal sewer will
> likely cause no problem. However concern must be given that some
> materials disposed of in a septic system can accumulate over time in the
> leach field.
> > ... Ideally, it would be the easiest to just wash out the cyanotype
> > into the environment (ie bush) directly. Otherwise, we would have to
> > collect it in bins and haul it away to dump into a waste treatment
system of
> > some sort. ...
> The answer is in your beginning statement. If you are to throw any used
> anything "into the bush", it is likely you will receive the wrath of the
> "environmentally conscious". The best way to look good is put the waste
> into a large bucket to be disposed of properly (as mentioned above.)
> Also keep in mind that in this situation you describe, the politics
> outweigh the science.
> --
> Jeffrey D. Mathias
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