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you might also try they are an excellent source for odd titles. Sean and Michelle are the folks I heave dealt with there. Also Blue Moon Camera may also be of some assistance

good luck

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A search on (a used book site) for 'Photographic
emulsions' in the title did not turn up that book, but did turn up
several other books that might be of use to you:

Photographic emulsions : their preparation and coating on glass,
celluloid and paper, experimentally, and on a large scale.
Wall, Edward John.

Photographic Emulsion Technique
Baker T. Thorne

Making & coating photographic emulsions / V.L. Zelikman & S.M. Levi.
Zelikman Vitalii Lvovich.

Benno Jones

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> Hi all,
> With the recent posts on making dry gelatin glass plates, I was
wondering if anyone could point me to the following book:
> Photographic emulsions: Working instructions and formulas for
> the making of gelatine-bromide negative and positive emulsions,
> for plates and lantern slides
> by Alfred J Jarman
> I ran across it on but it said it was out of print. I am
interested in working with dry gelatin glass plates but don't seem to
be able to find anything on the web with reference to emulsion
formulas. If anyone can point me in a direction or is willing to share
a formula (simpler is better) I would greatly appreciate it.
> Best,
> Scott

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