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you didn't quite make it off list

On Mar 30, 2005, at 9:19 AM, Gerry Giliberti wrote:

> Hi Stuart,
> I thought it best to address this off list since it is not directly
> related
> to the alternative list but I've changed my mind. (Also, this will be
> my
> last response--Better to keep things alternative.)
> I brought up the copyright issue and I know that copyright is a
> fleeting
> issue that is difficult to enforce without lots of time and money but
> here's
> how I see it:
> The Gates are an installation art project and as such the copyright and
> reproduction rights belong to Cristo. The public land issue is not
> withstanding since the public is free to view the Gates but all of the
> actual art project rights belong to Cristo. So any photographs or
> documenting of the installation that generates income should be
> approved by
> Cristo.
> An analogy to a Central Park show vs. a gallery show might be: A
> gallery has
> an installation in its space. You go in and photograph it. Then you use
> those pictures in a show of your own in another gallery and you sell
> some of
> those photographs. That to me is an infringement on the person's
> original
> art.
> That's how I see it. I'm going to check with Jeffery Jacobson, a New
> York
> entertainment lawyer and copyright expert, that I've work with in the
> past
> and find out.
> Ail I can say to the list is that when you see a copy of your work that
> you've spent weeks working on in a print or web ad or as someone's web
> site
> design background then you'll know how it feels.
> Gerry G
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> Subject: Re: copyright
> I'm not a copyright attorney and I don't mean to
> portray one on the web......but
> I think that the infringement would occur if the
> publisher photographed the drawings/renderings that
> Christos and Jean-Claude made to raise money for the
> project, used them but didn't get permission.
> To be clearer, I go to a museum show of Cindy
> Sherman's works. I take a photo of one of the images
> cropping out everythng but the image area. I then
> publish the image. If I hadn't gotten permission to
> use the image from Cindy Sherman (or her reps), I
> better get a superduper lawyer. That or win the
> lottery to pay for the copyright infringement.
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