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Hi everyone,
I think this may be a bit off topic but I think matters of copyright affect
all of us:

I sent an e-mail to the publisher of Camera Arts magazine about Gates
pictures that he took and published on his web site. His response is below.
I'm not sure if I totally agree with his response. He does sell his magazine
for money and his web site has advertisers that pay him. He's saying that as
a news item there are no copyright infringements. But what's the difference
if he sells one of his prints outright to someone as an art piece or sells
space to advertisers on a web site that runs a Gates story with pictures
that haven't been Oked by the Gates' artist to publish? He's still profiting
with out permission from the artist.

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The work is on public property, and has been published without permission
from the artists worldwide. Also, I published them as a news item... and
not as an item for sale. The images are mine and I have every right to
copyright them, as does anyone else who photographs them. Your question,
however, is a good one, and I know that from time to time it does get

Tim Anderson, publisher
CameraArts Magazine
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