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Date: 03/29/05-06:48:58 AM Z
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Michael Koch-Schulte wrote:
> I need a good starter scale or balance. I was looking at cheap ones at
> Cynmar. Is 100g at 0.1 good enough for most alt processes? or should I be
> going bigger? Any brand recommendations, good or bad, would also be
> appreciated i.e. what to avoid. Also, any thoughts on whether a balance with
> weights is better or worse than a electronic or digital scale for weighing
> out? Thx.

For Pt/Pd solutions 0.01 gram accuracy is highly suggested and necessary
if one expects reliable repeatability. The scale I use is the Ohaus
Cent-o-gram quad balance. This scale is availiable from Edmund
Scientific at:

Aside from the price differential of this scale compared with electronic
scales of the same accuracy and tarr ability (offset weight of bottle)
consider that for alternative hand coated processes it seems more in
keeping to use a fine mechanical balance scale.

Jeffrey D. Mathias
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