Re: An alt photo process question

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Date: 03/26/05-10:57:53 AM Z
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I'd presume this reference to be one related to an older process not
commonly employed by Atget for arrowroot was used as a sizing in making
salt prints. Atget worked with glass plates and commercial POP gold
toned. Somehow he must've had a company create this arrowroot/salt
paper which would also be exposed to the sun as the POP would.
Jack Fulton

On Mar 25, 2005, at 7:32 PM, joachim oppenheimer wrote:

> At the Museum of Modern Art in NYC a series of wonderful Aget prints
> are up
> on the wall, one of which describes the process of one print as an
> "Arrowroot Print." I know that arrowroot is a starch, but I can't
> locate any
> relevant information. Any ideas? Thanks. Joachim
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