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Date: 03/25/05-03:09:23 AM Z
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Too tired to do anything constructive this morning, I amused myself by
googling "gum bichromate." I think the last time I did this was about
three years ago, before I started building my own site. There wasn't
much out there then, and it was mostly the same sites that had been
there when I first came online in 1998.

The difference between three years ago and now is amazing. There are so
many people doing beautiful and interesting work in gum. I was saving
some of my favorite URLs to recommend, but then I realized what a silly
occupation that is. Just google gum bichromate and pick out your own

There's a few clunkers as far as information, like the statement that
one might replace the recommended potassium dichromate with ammonium
dichromate, which is "faster but doesn't give as long a tonal scale as
potassium dichromate" an obvious mistatement of fact, but there's
misinformation wherever you look, including on this list.

In fact I was thinking about the editable encyclopedia Gordon pointed to
with the empty page on gum, and got to imagining all the gum experts
editing each other's instructions and excising portions of each other's
text that they consider incorrect. It made me laugh, to think of it.
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