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Date: 03/24/05-10:13:28 AM Z
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In my experience the alkali solution and wash bleaches the image beyond
that which the acid will recover. This varies between images/papers but
I've always been able to lighten the image doing this, sometimes too


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Joe, doesn't it gain its old density (or very close to it)? When you
acidify I mean?

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> Jan,
> Any alkaline solution would probably reduce the density of
> the cyanotype and also lower the contrast. I've used weak
> ammonia solutions, borax, and even dilute film and paper
> developers to bleach back cyanotypes.
> They will turn a lovely lavender color as they bleach. Go
> slow using weak solutions in order to gauge the bleaching
> effect with some precision. I would try a test on a similar
> piece of printed paper in order to determine the proper
> strength solution to use. After rewashing the print I always
> acidify it again using weak acetic or citric acid and this
> returns it to a blue color.
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