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This Lurker has learnt so much from you all, thank you. But now I am in
trouble with an over exposed cyanotype print made with the traditional
formula on hand made mulberry paper. Please can you advise me if it is
possible to recover it, and if so will I be able to tone it in specific
areas. The print has already dried. Thanks in advance for any advice.


Any alkaline solution would probably reduce the density of the cyanotype
and also lower the contrast. I've used weak ammonia solutions, borax,
and even dilute film and paper developers to bleach back cyanotypes.
They will turn a lovely lavender color as they bleach. Go slow using
weak solutions in order to gauge the bleaching effect with some
precision. I would try a test on a similar piece of printed paper in
order to determine the proper strength solution to use. After rewashing
the print I always acidify it again using weak acetic or citric acid and
this returns it to a blue color.

As far as toning, I've never toned a cyanotype so I can't suggest
anything there but I doubt that any beaching effect would prevent
subsequent toning.

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