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Stuart, would you like to try some of these 90lb wove sheets? I have a
decent supply on hand and could cut some down to a smaller size to
facilitate shipping.

lemme know


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Let me clarify a bit.

The rep told me that the 32# paper (Kid Finish Ecru)
had a watermark. I thought that 32# might not have
enough wet strength. So I mentioned that I had used
Cranes 90# cover stock for PT.

At that point the rep, said that it (Kid Finish Ecru)
came in the two weights that I mentioned in an earlier
email. I referred to it as cover, not the rep. But
again, she told me that I couldn't buy the heavier
weight directly.

I bought the 125 sheet natural 90# cover from them
several years ago. For PT. No watermark. I will admit
that when I used the larger sheets, 23 x29 for PT, the
paper was hard to handle (poor wet strenght). However
part of the problem was that I didn't have the proper
size trays nor did I provide it with plastic mesh
support will tray processing.

Before I buy *any*paper from them, I would talk to
somebody in their technical department about alt uses.
Some of their cover sheets have brighteners and other
chemicals in them that might cause unanticipated
results in alt processes (for instance, I was told not
to buy the bright white because of the additives).

Hope this helps.


--- "Baird, Darryl" <> wrote:
> I see their website lists only the 32 lb.. that's
> not cover weight, so
> maybe this is true. I use the 90 lb 'wove' cover for
> Argyrotypes and
> it performs pretty well. Plus it is avaiable in
> 23X29 inch stock.
> check out:
> x11Sheets
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> When I spoke with Cranes this morning, I asked the
> rep
> if I could buy the Cranes Kid Finish Ecru cover from
> them directly and they said that I couldn't. You
> have
> to buy it from one of their distributors.
> Stuart
> --- "Baird, Darryl" <> wrote:
> > I buy directly from Cranes online store,
> especially
> > for the large
> > sheets.
> >
> > -Darryl

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