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I use this white blackout cloth for a lot of things, especially to
completely lightproof a darkroom that has two glass doors in it. I
bought the cloth wide enough to completely curtain the glass doors and
make the room dark enough to develop film. I love it because it is
lightproof but when I'm using the room for its other purposes (bathroom,
laundry) the room isn't dark and depressing like it would be if I used
something black to block off the doors. I recommend it! I just got it
from my local fabric store; they call it blackout cloth, but it's meant
as a drapery liner, as John says. I also tried using it for a darkcloth
for my 8x10 camera, but I found it too heavy for that; it added too much
bulk to my outfit. So I made a darkcloth out of a lightweight but solid
wool crepe which folds down to almost nothing.

John Cremati wrote:
> A girl on the camera makers" Calamity Jane" list turned me on to
> a drapery liner that is totally light tight!......The stuff is pure amazing
> material....... It is relatively light, ( not light enough for bellows
> making I think , but almost and some may say that it is light enough...)
> They have one pass, two pass, and three pass material...... The one pass is
> satisfactory, but you may get a week spot here and there......... I put it
> against a 250 watt spot light and could not see a bit of
> light................The Name of the company is Rockland ......
> It comes in white or off white and would make a good heat reflector if you
> were using it for a tent...... .......It also would make good pull down
> blinds for a camper darkroom,.......... Curtains for a studio with windows
> for reflection and light control..... a good reflector, backdrop, top
> surface of a dark cloth....ect.ect..........
> Also Below is the phone number of a guy who buys some Rockland seconds
> and makes drop cloths out of them......He said he would sell
> seconds at a discount......... Supposedly seconds means that 60 to 70
> percent of the material is good..... His drop cloths are 9x12 I
> believe........
> INTEX Retail.
> 1.440.449.6550
> John Cremati
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