Re: Portable packable plate pdf plans perchance?

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If you happen to own a pickup truck, you can pick up an old, used camper
for not much $$. Here's my portable wetplate darkroom:

BTW, the site you mentioned is Wayne
Pierce's site. He has built plate boxes, plate racks and an 11x14 wetplate
back/holder for me. He does very good work for a reasonable price and
provides great service.


> Joe,
> I'm just beginning to do some research on this very topic so perhaps we
> can
> share info. Here is what I have so far:
> Reprint of 1859 design with images. Now if we only had the servants to go
> with it :-)
> Another 19th Century example, from the Smithsonian. My current thought
> is to
> make one based on this concept. I like the case idea with handle.
> Theoretically you could keep your wet plate chemicals in tanks with
> rubber
> gaskets as long at you always kept one end up--they would be attached to
> the
> inside top of the case and the rubber gasket would keep them from
> spilling--the Osterman's use plastic wrap I'm told.
> Here is a modern example:
> Also, I have some images of John Coffer's setup which I can send off
> list if
> you want them. I got them off the Internet, but don't recall the site.
> Mark
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> Subject: Portable packable plate pdf plans perchance?
> Anyone have plans/schematics for a portable wetplate collodion darkroom
> online or as a downloadable pdf file?
> Thanks.
> Joe
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